d-healthyLife in Mobile Week Barcelona

22 February 2018 – Within the frame of Mobile Week Barcelona (as part of the Mobile World Capital event), the d-HealthyLife project was invited to run a morning round table workshop with the title:

“Modelos de co-creación de salud digital para la promoción de hábitos de vida saludables”
[Co-creation models in digital health to promote healthy life styles]


Over 35 participants from diverse professional backgrounds took part in the workshop to discuss and generate ideas on topics such as:

  • defining the motivations, expectations and barriers for target stakeholders in different lifestyle areas to using d-health solutions;
  • what role co-creation processes can play in the validation and certification of d-health tools;
  • what can co-creation bring to the effectiveness of innovative business models?

Information and ideas generated in this workshop are fed forward into the d-HealthyLife co-creation workshop in April. The workshop also served as a step towards creating a local Catalon network representing an ecosystem of stakeholders in d-health.

Click here to download the programme for the workshop and the participants’ list (in Spanish)