2nd d-HealthyLife pilot training edition in Brussels

UM Campus Brussels3-5 October 2018


The 2nd edition of the 3-day training course took place in the University of Maastricht Campus in Brussels from 3rd – 5th October, with 33 professionals travelling from 14 different European countries and Lebannon to participate.


As in the Barcelona edition of the course, participants came from a variety of different backgrounds across the academic, clinical and technology sectors, all with a keen interest in  digital health; whether looking to develop practical skills or pick up applicable information to apply to products and interventions, or knowledge to pass on to those enrolled in relevant academic courses.

The participants’ evaluations of the 3 modules are contribute to shaping and refining the final outputs of the project: content for the final d-Healthylife manual and handbook, and follow-up materials of the course.