About d-HealthyLife

Mobile phone apps and wearable technology have great potential for delivering personalized healthcare, lifestyle interventions and self-management tools to prevent and treat non-communicable and infectious diseases.

The Challenge
The high turnover and short lifecycle of most digital health (d-Health) products is a serious threat to uptake and adherence resulting in a low public health impact and un-fulfilled potential. These aspects could be greatly improved by target group involvement from the concept stage of product development, so that the solutions delivered meet the target group’s real needs and expectations, thus increasing usability, use and effectiveness… So, how to best do this?

The d-HealthyLife Course
d-HealthyLife is an EIT Health Campus project which is developing a training course on co-creation methods for developing mobile and digital health tools. The aim is to take into account user needs and expectations, and thus to increase use and effectiveness of a wide range of d-Health products. The long-term goal of the project is to enhance the competitiveness and public health impact of this sector and improve digital and mobile lifestyle interventions and self-management tools to prevent and treat health problems; in particular, non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases.

Participatory design of the training course
The d-HealthyLife training course will itself be developed through a participatory process. We will involve end-users and other stakeholders in co-creating the objectives, content and formats of this training course, in consecutive and interdependent phases:

  1. Co-creation of d-HL training course prototype
  2. Development of training course prototype
  3. Pilot and evaluation of prototype
  4. Finalizing training course

The d-HealthyLife core partners